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Re: [IPk] a plea

> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can people try not to send
> messages in html?
> There are quite a few people doing it (Estelle,
> Jeremy, Wendy and others) and it really messes things
> up for those of us who get the digest or who have
> certain types of email package.
> If you don't know how to turn it off, just ask!
> Thanks

OK - this is a general HTML alert!!!!

Many people here use Microsoft Outlook Express for doing emails. If you use
it, could you please do this now:

Go to the Tools menu, and select Options.

A box will pop up on the screen. There will be a tab with Send written on
it. Click it. There will be an option called "Plain Text". Please make sure
that the button next to it is on. This will guarantee that your emails are
sent as plain text, which is what everybody likes.

Unfortunately, Microsft Outlook Express often sends emails by default
encoded in HTML. Checking the plain text option will stop this happening.
HTML encoding fills the email with lots of spurious control characters,
which make the email very hard to read if you get the digest version of
this list.

Thanks everyone.

ip-uk administrator

PS I will reach out over the internet and slap very firmly the wrist of the
next person who posts in HTML! Go into your program and check that it is
switched off. If you are not sure what to do, email me privately at the
address below.

mailto:email @ redacted

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