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[IPk] Re: air bubbles

I posted similar problems about air bubbles recently. 
You might want to take a look at some of the replies.
If the problem is what I think it is, it's to do with 
the dead space in the needle. Because I am partially 
sighted, i have problems with this because I can't 
see it.
The solution i use which works very well against this 
particular problem is this:
when you load the reservoir from the bottle of 
insulin, you load a couple of units, then push it 
back into the bottle (keeping thebottle inverted). 
You can hear (and probably see) a big bubble of air 
going back into the bottle. Repeat this process 
several times, and there should be no more trapped 
air (you can see and hear when no more air is going 
back in). At this stage, it is safe to fill the 
reservoir properly. 
Howeve, the problem with this method (for me) is that 
you are putting air into the insulin in the bottle, 
which means you're more likely to get the little tiny 
air bubbles. But I think for most people this is not 
a problem, because you can see them and get rid of 

BTW, John - your solution about filling from a 
NOvopen kind of worked. The problem is the dead space 
in the needle, but also - the cartridge does not 
quite hold enough insulin, because you waste a fair 
bit - and I did actually get a tiny air bubble in the 
bottom of the reservoir even so. But it did work 
reasonably well. You win the fantastic prize 
all my spare tubing :-)

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