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[IPk] Re: Air bubbles in the Luer Lock

Dear All,
I am after some advice for one of my new users if possible.  We have been through everything and i am struggling as to where to go next with this.
She is a very new user and she gets air bubbles actually in the luer lock.  She checks her cartridges throughly before loading and priming, so thinks the problem comes at this stage in the process.  She takes her insulin out of the fridge well in advance, and when priming, no matter how many units she primes, she can't shift this air bubble.
The worry is that she had quite a high the other morning because obviously not enough insulin was getting through, but at the same time the set didn't occlude so consequently her confidence is quite badly dented.  She loves the pump but this is scaring her a bit I think.
Has anyone experienced the same and managed to erradicate the problem?  If so, we'd love to know what was done,
I Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards