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Re: [IPk] Conference info + Pro. info.

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Sent: Monday, 14 February, 2000 12:59
Subject: [IPk] Conference info

My name is wendy Martin. I have just ordered tickets for the conference at Kings College Hospital and was wondering firstly if anybody else on the site would be attending and secondly if they are, are they staying overnight and if so where? I have no idea of places in or around that area as i would need to stay overnight some where.
                                    Wendy xx
Hi Wendy,
If I am going to the conference and live within 20 minutes (by train) of King's. I can offer you a room (not of the quality you would get by hijacking an aeroplane) if you would like. Only requirement is that you let me know in time, so that I can clean the house up (currently there is only one seat available in sitting room, the rest being occupied by the boxes the computer came in), and let me know what you like for breakfast. If you are going to the conference by train and going through London, it may be cheapest to get a ticket to you first London station and then get a travel card (4.50) rather than a ticket to Denmark Hill and then another one to my station (3), also they now offer a weekend travel card which could be used both days and let you have a day in London on the Sunday. But these are just my wandering thoughts. I would not recommend staying anywhere near London where you have to pay.
Let me know anyway.
Joan - keep it up, the trouble with the UK & pumps is that doctors don't know about them.
Best wishes,