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Sent: Monday, February 14, 2000 3:34 PM

Hi everyone
My name is Wendy Martin. A couple of months ago I started to enquire about the use of an insulin pump as I had been feeling so unwell throughout the last year.I found the Insulin Pumpers web site which I think is fantastic and learnt so much more about it. I spoke to my consultant at the hospital as well as the diabetic nurse, but unfortunately was wasting my time. There are no patients at the hospital or for that matter in the district where I live that is on an insulin pump. The consultant or the team did not know anything about the pump apart from they knew that it was useless and far too expensive, and so dismissed anything I said about it. I decided that I would need to educate them myself and so built up a box file of information (mostly MiniMed) along with info from the pumpers site and E-Mails from different people on the site. I am a nineteen year old college student and so money is quite limited. Also I have had to give up my part-time job recently because with my being unwell frequently I could not be relied on. I had numerous appointments at my clinic and each time I would take my box file and present them with new material. About three weeks ago I was at yet another clinic appointment and I thought 'This is it' I had to let them know how serious I was. I was also feeling really depressed and down - I told my consultant that this is what I wanted or needed rather, to improve my quality of life. He finally agreed but told me that he could not fund the pump but would support me and fund my supplies. I felt like somebody was listening to me at last. My diabetic nurse gave me the name and address of  the manager of public health at my Local Health Authority. I wrote to him and explained my current situation - I am still waiting for a reply. I also had a meeting with my local MP and told her everything. My GP also agreed to write to the Local Health Authority. So at the moment I am waiting on replies. I have also requested the free months trial of a MiniMed Insulin pump. I hope to meet with Peter from MiniMed and my diabetes team around the beginning of March to start on the pump. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANKYOU to the insulin pumpers site and everybody on it - and also to Morag,Peter & Sarah for your support. I know I haven't even received the pump yet but I am so looking forward to that day. Yes I know that the pump is not a magic wand but it feels so good to know that I might be feeling 'normal' again very soon. I promise to keep everyone posted on any developments. THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Just a final thankyou and a big hug for my mum who has been a huge support for me thanx mumxxxxxxxx
                                Lots of Love wendyxxx