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Re: [IPk] Re: air bubbles

> I avoid that by drawing the first couple of units in 
> and out of the bottle a few times. You can hear when 
> there is no air coming back out. But I guess that 
> dissolves more air in the insulin....
It is the "putting back in" that causes the problem. The turbulent 
flow from the hi-speed jet of insulin stirs more air into the insulin 
causes tiny bubbles to coalesce

> I can usually get most of it to
> >coalesce into one lump with a few sharp flicks.
> That's the bit I can't do! It never goes into a lump 
> no matter how hard I flick it!
> >
What do you flick it with??

My daughter uses COLD insulin from the fridge (not ideal), loads her 
cartridge and whacks it with a cheap ball point pen to free the 
bubbles. She rarely if ever has problems with bubbles.

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