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Re: [IPk] Re: air bubbles

OK Di. I've done some lateral thinking for you...

...why not fill the pump cartridge *with*  a Novopen 3?

You put the 3ml penfill cartridge in the Novopen, screw it all home, but
without a pen needle. If you're using a new pump cartridge, flush some
insulin in and out from a normal bottle of insulin to get rid of the air in
the dead space. You then insert the big needle from the pump cartridge into
the rubber membrane on the Novopen, dial up 70 units (that's the maximum on
mine) and inject it into the pump cartridge. It works!!! I've just done it.
Not a bubble in sight. Then dial up another 70 units, and repeat until you
have as much insulin in the pump cartridge as you want.

If you only want to do a shortfill (150 units) then use a Novopen 1.5 with
a 1.5ml penfill cartridge. One penfill = one refill.

Since the penfill cartridges are, I suspect, specially manufactured to have
minimal air in solution, there's no air to come out of solution and make
pesky bubbles...

Do I get a prize? :o)


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