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RE: [IPk] set changes and air bubbles

>When you suck insulin out, it's fine - air gets drawn in to the bottle
>through the 2nd needle (I was very impressed at this point). Then I
>found I had a largish pocket of air in the cartridge, which I
>automatically pushed back into the bottle (I do not usually bother to
>switch my brain on during this process, you notice), at which point of
>course the pressure pushed insulin out of the 2nd needle, all over the
>So how do you do this without insulin leeks, John? Do you have special
>access to extra long needles or am I missing something here?

Sorry Trev - didn't realise I had to give a fools guide :-)

As you corretly observe, this is a one-way process. You draw insulin into
the cartridge. The only air in the cartridge should be from the dead-space.
You then withdraw the cartridge and needle, and expel the dead-space air
bubble into the air.

Of course, if you have an extra long needle, reaching the whole length of
the bottle, it would be even easier. I'm sure your clinic would give you a
box of 2 inch needles if you asked nicely!

>ps Anyone know of a special language that can be used to easily describe
>the physics of the flow of insulin within complex pump systems? If not,
>I vote we invent one, and call it "insuliniflotto"

Ok! :o)


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