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Re: [IPk] set changes and air bubbles

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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, 10 February, 2000 14:05
Subject: Re: [IPk] set changes and air bubbles

One solution(?) (I think) can be to load more than the cartridge limit
(3.15ml for Disetronic) into the cartridge, connect the tubing, this
involves connecting the tubing and screw-on connector (between the cartridge
and pump) first, then attaching the tubing (and connector) to the cartridge
and using the 'extra' insulin in the cartridge to get rid of the
air/bubbles, in the same way as one does when using a 'normal' syringe. The
only important thing is to stop when the cartridge 'limit' is reached, so
that the insulin in the cartridge and what the pump says are the same.
Finally attach cartridge, tube and connector into the pump together. What it
amounts to is doing everything in almost reverse order to the instructions,
but I can assure you it reduces the occurence of air bubbles by about 80%,
it also means there is more insulin left in the cartridge, because less is
spent filling the tube by the pump motor. This is of course only practical
for the first tube used with each carttridge but for follow up tubes it is
always possible to fill them manually from a syringe, then fill the mouth of
the tube with insulin, before screwing into the pump (ensuring that the pump
is above the top of the tube when doing so.
But personally I have never bothered with the odd bubble of so, I believe
the body requires air to live.
Please feel free to totally disregard what is written above.
all the best,

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