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[IPk] set changes and air bubbles

I was just looking at some recent messages on the 
list and realised I'm not the only one who has the 
problem of remembering when to change their set.
I have found that more than 3 days tends to leave a 
bigger scar, unless it's a very good site. It's 
amazing, I can remember my Bg results from 3 days 
ago, but not whether I changed the set or not!
So, I am now resorting to writing it in my diary.

My other problem is the dreaded air bubbles.
I have found a way of seeing them when they are in 
the actual reservoir, but I can't get rid of them. 
They tend to stick to the end of the plunger (ie the 
end furthest away from the needle) and nothing I can 
do seems to dislodge them, Wait until I connect the 
pump, however, and they miraculously disappear and go 
off down the tube, to mess up my BGs a few hours 
later. Does anyone have any tips for how to get rid 
of them once they're in the reservoir? They're the 
litte tiny ones, which are probably OK on their own, 
but I have a feeling they all join up once they 
disappear down the tuning - they certainly ahve an 
effect on my BG.

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