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Re: [IPk] letters to BDA

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From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Tuesday, 08 February, 2000 19:34
Subject: Re: [IPk] letters to BDA

> While I know that there is (I hope) someone or two like Jeremy, who are
> pro-pump anyway, and that the anti-pumpers would probably be better with
> individual letters which hit their mis-conceptions, the hassle of co-
> ordinating such a monitoring of responses, getting the Data Protection
> sorted out, etc. makes it too much hassle (I think - is anyone
> volunteering?)
> I think that the letters we send, and the replies we receive are
> private, so we can't share the information - but if any of us receives,
> or hears about anything in the public domain (such as a press clipping
> where a trustee is saying how marvellous it is that little Jimmy has a
> pump, or that a cure for diabetes is the only thing worth investing
> research money into) the could they notify the list?
> Pat Reynolds

Hi Pat,
I would wish to disagree with you.
What any one (or more) trustees says is not important, as I have found out
it is not possible to do anything unless the 'item' is on an agenda at a
board meeting and there is a promise to discuss the issue. In practice this
involves getting the OK from the  Chair or Chief-Exec. For us responses from
individual trustees do not amount to much, it is when/if a response (likely
a preprinted letter) from head office, comes that something may happen.
It is for this reason that I earlier suggested we should have an individual,
as a representative, with whom the central office could communicate.
Whatever responses are received the 'mass' of letters puts me in a position
to raise the issue, if only by stating that I have received many letters
about pumps, ask if others have as well and then suggest we should look into
them, as they are obviously of concern.
If anybody has time to spare, another way to increase influence  would be to
stand to become a trustee (look in March Balance).
Best wishes,

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