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[IPk] Eye trouble

Hi -

Does anyone have any experience of auto-immune responses within the eye?

I had conjunctivitis last week. I saw an eye doctor, who said it was not
serious, and would clear up of its own accord within the week, and gave me
some cream to keep the eye comfortable.

Well, it got worse! I ended up back at the eye doctors in agony. He
diagnosed an auto-immune response to the virus from within the eye, which
is apparently is "linked" to type 1 diabetes. So I'm on what I think are
steroid drops and cream (Prednisolon-21-acetat) which has calmed everything
down nicely. I also have to keep my pupils dilated, to stop something in
the eye sticking to something else. My sight has become slightly cloudy,
due to a cell response within the lense. So all in all, I'm a bit grouchy
at the moment! Back to the doctors tomorrow...

Bg's have gone crazy, of course. Woke up at 5am the last 2 nights with a bg
of 14. 4 units brought it down to the 8 by the time I got up. I shall be
whacking up my basal rates tonight, because I just can't sleep well when I
have a high bg.

I've never heard of this type of eye trouble before. I wondered whether
anyone else had?


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