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Re: [IPk] Trustees

Jeremy GRAINGER wrote:

> A new trustee, who I have never met is Aveen McNeill, who I did not list.
> All the best,
> Jeremy

Dear all,
Aveen McNeill is a BDA area-coordinator from Northern Ireland and is an IDDM.
If you all get writing to the trustees I will do my best to bring the whole
subject of pumps up when I see Aveen and all the other area coordinators
(including Dorothy Cartwright who is chairman of the Voluntary Groups
Committee) at the BDA Voluntary Groups Section Conference in Blackpool next
weekend. Although I have recently resigned as area coordinator for E. Sussex
and Kent, I still have good contacts within the Voluntary Groups Committee
(which is composed of all the BDA area coordinators) and I will certainly do
my best to get them to take action concerning the BDA and pumps.  The
Voluntary Groups Committee is a good one to target as the area coordinators
represent all the branches in the country and are all themselves either
diabetic or parents of diabetic children or carers. They also are not afraid
to rock the boat at the BDA if they feel strongly about an issue. Meanwhile,
any of you that are BDA members should try and join local branches and
agitate from within ! At the VGS conference resolutions are put forward by
local branches and all the members at the conference vote on whether or not
the resolution should be put forward to the trustees for their consideration.
I think that certainly for next years conference it would be good if a branch
put forward a resolution concerning the BDA and pump funding issues. I would
have organised it for my own branch that I am chairman of to put forward this
year but I was too busy keeling over from stress, family disasters, illness
and Phd thesis writing induced neurosis to get my act togther in time. I will
try and make up for this by telling anyone and everyone at the conference
about my pump and try to get the powers that be to get off their backsides
and do something ! I will report back as to the progress made at the

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