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Re: [IPk] DKA how soon?

>Bit of a hypothesis:
>In a newly diagnosed diabetic, if the injected insulin amount is increased
>with tight control so that the remaining islets were having to do a minimum
>or work, does this 'protect' the remaining islets so extending the
>Do you know of any research on these lines at all?
Not research, but my experience: I discovered my own diabetes at age 14
finding sugar in my urine with a random experiment with a relative's testing
kit. After a glucose tolerance test, I was put on a restricted CHO diet. I
well remember that a week or so of strict adherence to the diet would lead
to a period of remission of roughly the same duration during which I could
eat normally and not pass any sugar.

After about six months the diet had to be reduced (eventually right down
"zero" CHO) to keep sugar free, and it was decided to start me on insulin.
Thereupon the periods of remission started again, leading to a pattern of
building down the doses and then back up again - a very frustrating time
during which I was frequently hypo. After about a year I settled into
needing insulin every day.

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