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Re: [IPk] BDA Trustees & subjects

Well said John !
These people will just have to sit up and take notice .They have had their
way for too long .What we need is the BDA to start listening to people who
matter- US !

The pumps are not for everybody but diabetics at least deserve the
opportunity to decide for themselves what treatment they receive .The days
of the Doctor or anyone else for that matter dictating how I or anybody else
should control any part of my life is long gone .What the BDA should now do
is start educating Doctors ,nurses and diabetics to make the most
appropriate choice for their lifestyle .

If a cancer patient was put on a course of treatment without discussing and
informing the patient about the different choices available , there would be
uproar so why is it satisfactory for diabetics ?

If  a doctor refused to mention or recommend a certain treatment because he
hadn't kept up to date about changes in his field of intrest  -he's failing
in his practice .Why are Diabetologists different then?
The BDA are failing the diabetics in this country not just everyone on this
list because we know about pumps ,what about all the rest who don't know
they exist or are a valid form of treatment .
Letters ,Letters ,Letters !!!

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