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Re: [IPk] Blockage alarms

> Trev - could clarify your situation? I'm a bit confused... So your health
> insurance paid for you to go on a one week residential training course?
> love to know what they taught you! Are you using the pump on a trial basis
> at the moment, but you're not yet committed to using that particular

I did a 10 day residential "pump course" here at the Jena KIM (Clinic of
Inner Medicine), at which I was given the Dahedi on a trial basis, meaning
Sartorius are letting me try the pump for free for 3 months, at the end of
which if I want to continue with the pump my German health insurance will
pay for the pump which I then own.

Theorhetically I could have chosen to do the course with a HTRON, and had I
known that it was going to be difficult to change my mind afterwards I would
have probably insisted then. But I had to make up my mind very quickly
because a place became free in a course in January while I was expecting to
do one in March, and I accepted the Dr's recommendation for the pump because
he seemed to know what he was talkng about, and he said everyone else on the
course was going to have the same pump and that would make it easier to
teach (sort of true, but it turned out I was only one of 3 on the course, so
it wouldn't have made much difference).

The teaching was very good I found, led by a well-trained nurse who took a
lot time to answer everything we wanted to know. The training was based on
(but not taken for granted from) a book called "Der CSII Therapy Fibel, oder
Bei Dir piept es!" (= 'The CSII therapy fable, or something on you is
peeping!'). This book was perhaps unusual in that it recommends U40 insulin
over U100 insulin for pumps (in a table for and against the U40 outweighed
U100 by about 8 points to 2). Oddly I can't remember reading anything about
Humalog in it at all (I'll have t check this - just occurred to me). 

One paragraph in the book reads something like: "During the course the
'students' should be explained the advantages of all the available pumps on
the market and be given a chance to try each one out so they can decide
which is the best one for them". Unfortunately my course didn't have a HTRON
available for me to try out (MiniMed is a real no go according to the
doctor, I'll have to ask him exactly why I think...). I pointed out to the
nurse that I wanted to have at least a U100 pump so that I could switch to
humalog and she agreed that this was a good idea but said the only way to
switch a pump was to arrange that with the chief Dr and she suggested I do
this quite soon. 

Which is where I am now, I am going to meet up with the chief Dr next week
to get him to let me try a HTRONV+100 (and ask him about the MiniMed).

Don't get me wrong - I am very happy with the 'course' and feel I will be
well supported by them, just I think maybe they need bringing up to date
(get the chief Dr internet access for a start :o).


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