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Re: [IPk] BDA Trustees & subjects

>I'll write to them all tonight.  As I'm not a pumper yet, my emphasis
>will be on NICE and funding difficulties.

I have put the details of the BDA Trustees on the Insulin Pumpers UK
website at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/screen4_2.html

The BDA already "passively" supports pump therapy through their CareLine
service, for which we have John Davis to thank in large part. But we now
need the BDA to actively pursue our cause, which means:

a) lending their weight to get proper national funding for everyone who
uses a pump
b) establishing a good national network of clinics that support pump
therapy so that anyone who is suitable for pump use can be referred to one
c) raising doctors' awareness of the possibilities currently being denied
to most people in the UK.

The BDA represents us, not the medical profession and not the tax payer. I
get so furious when people whine oh, but there's no money available. There
is always money available if somebody high enough up decides to make it

Please please please let us all write to each of the trustees of the BDA
drawing their attention to the "issues" and demanding that they get their
act together! I have put some more suggestions about what to say on the
website that I have listed above. If each trustee receives a bundle of
letters, they will start talking about it.

I have got funding by leaving the country. Others get funding by curious
routes. Many just have to pay for it all themselves. I think it is time we
stop messing around, and demand that the BDA campaign actively for the fair
provision of pump therapy to all, based on need and not on ability to pay.


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