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Re: [IPk] Blockage alarms

>Anyhow here are the results so far - I tried the blockage alarm on two
>separate infusion sets, having made sure I got all air bubbles out first.
>With the first the alarm came after 3.5 units (first go) and 4 units (2nd
>go), with the second it came after 2 units (1st and 2nd go). Maybe I'll try
>it again in 2 days when I change the infusion set again, now I've got some
>experience in blockages.

Any air in the system will surely make the alarm less sensitive, if it's
the catheter or tubing that is blocked. If it's the plunger in the
cartridge that has got stuck, then I don't suppose air makes any difference.

I went through a phase of getting alarms - perhaps every month or two -
that were caused by the plunger sticking. I knew this because if I removed
the tubing, the alarm would still sound if I tried to bolus. Then Minimed
announced that you should push the plunger in and out a few times before
filling in order to spread the lubricant properly. I was already doing
that, but the problem cleared up, so presumeably they are using a better

I also occasionally get a blocked catheter - and this always seems to
coincide with periods of stress (parents-in-law visiting etc :-)

>I have not heard again from Disetronic yet

Keep pushing them. But I'm intrigued to know what you and Kai make of the
Dahedi. You're the first people I've come across who use one.

Trev - could clarify your situation? I'm a bit confused... So your health
insurance paid for you to go on a one week residential training course? I'd
love to know what they taught you! Are you using the pump on a trial basis
at the moment, but you're not yet committed to using that particular model?


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