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Re: [IPk] Dahedi pump

>Can anybody please help me with the following question?
>I have a DAHEDI 25D100. As i was out for swimming yesterday, it seemed to me
>as if the pump is not tightly fitted
>up. I means the pump works well, but as i returned home and had  to change the
>battery, it was all wet inside the
>battery input. The battery seems to be "killed" by the water.
>Does anybody have had the same experience and could give some info to me?

Kai - my pump (MiniMed 507) isn't actually waterproof, so I take it off
when I go swimming. For the short time you are swimming (less than an hour)
it doesn't matter. You can always take a little extra insulin each hour if
you are swimming for longer.

I think the Dahedi is meant to be waterproof, but it sounds like the
battery compartment wasn't properly sealed.


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