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>The main problem is, GI works one way for type 1s (the well, 5g is 5g
>carbs, and it will raise your bg by X, albeit a glucose tab will do that
>in Y minutes, and porridge will do it in Z hours).

Ah, porridge! Thank you for reminding me, Pat. It's one of those foods I
adore for about 3 months, and then forget all about for 3 years. Yes, it's
time I had porridge for breakfast once again.

>GI studies have shown, unfortunately, that not only do individuals vary
>in absorption, but also an individual foodstuff can vary widely in
>combination.  GIs should, therefore, be used only as a guide, much as
>measurement of exercise is, when deciding how much insulin to inject,
>and when, and not used in the way that carbohydrate assessment is used.

I think that at the end of the day, we each of us have to learn for
ourselves what moves our bg by how much and when. In practice, we don't
really eat that many different foods. It's nice to be able to walk into an
Afgan restaurant and instantly know how much insulin to take when for what,
but in those situations I just play it cautious and muddle through. But
when having my beanz on toast at home, I'm on familiar territory :-)

My diabetes nurse explained it similarly to me last year. She uses a pump
herself (they're always the best!) She explained that yes, carb counting is
a best first guess, but in practice she just knows from experience how much
insulin to take for what.


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