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[IPk] Blockage alarms

>A knot will allow insulin to get through the tube. The tube can be clamped 
>with a "tubing clamp"
Thanks but you're too late - I discovered this last night and eventually 
stopped the flow with a rather hefty clamp. It's good to know how hard this 
is to do!

>Take care not to crush the tube if you plan on actually using it "live" at 
>some point later on.
Having snapped the tube when I'd created the original knot, this wasn't an 
option anyway :o)

Anyhow here are the results so far - I tried the blockage alarm on two 
separate infusion sets, having made sure I got all air bubbles out first. 
With the first the alarm came after 3.5 units (first go) and 4 units (2nd 
go), with the second it came after 2 units (1st and 2nd go). Maybe I'll try 
it again in 2 days when I change the infusion set again, now I've got some 
experience in blockages.

I have not heard again from Disetronic yet


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