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[IPk] BDA Trustees & subjects

As briefly as possible I list the trustees, with (where I know) their
connection to diabetes.
Dr Michael Hall, Chair (GP)
Mr Mike Higgins, Treasurer (Parent)
Mrs Margaret Hunter, Secretary (Diabetic,1)
Sir Michael Hirst, Vice-Chair (Parent)
Dr Felix Burden, Vice-Chair (Active diabetic consultant)
Ms Sue Cradock, Vice-Chair (parent- I think)
Ms Karen Addington, (diabetic 1)
Mr Ramakant Anaokar, (diabetic 1)
Dr Rudi Bilous, (Consultant, with experience of and pro pumps)
Dr David Borsey,
Mrs Mary Burden, (DSN)
Dr D. Carson,
Mrs D Cartwright, (parent)
Lord Gladwin, (diabetic 2)
Mr Jeremy Grainger, (diabetic 1 (and using a pump))
Mrs Jenny Hoggins, (diabetic)
Dr Richard Holland, (parent - not a medical doctor)
Prof Simon Howell,
Mr Tim Hoy, (diabetic 1)
Dr D Matthews,
Mr Pat Millar, (diabetic 1(I think))
Dr J Peters,
Prof. John Tooke,
Prof Steve Bloom, (involved in research (I think))
Ms Sue Cradock, (parent (I think))
Mrs Wendy Gane, (diabetic 1)
Mr Bill Maddox, (diabetic 1)
Dr Ian Jefferson,
Others involved include 'Vice Presidents', who although without a vote
probably have more influence:   Mrs Anne Felton, Mrs Judith Rich, Mrs
Barbara Elster (parent), Prof. Harry Keen (first to do any real research
into pumps in UK).
Stuart Freel, a former trustee, is now the BDA's representative within the
IDF in Europe, and is often at board meetings.
It is also probably very worth while writnig to the Chief-Executive (if
enough people write) - Paul Streets
The best ideas (I think) for letters are to emphasize what they have done
for you, re. regaining control from helpless situations, making a new life
for you, stating that all have heard from people who have used them is
praise (where true). Ask questions such as why has the BDA not supported (or
given more support to them), make sure that you ask questions and (demand)
want answers. Possibly suggest that as we are in a new millenium the BDA,
while changing its name and strategy should include pumps. Primarily state
how good you have found them and where applicable the problems and effort
doctors have made to get/give you a pump and funding. Ask if any approach
has been made to the DOH for funding (it hasn't). Refer to the article in
Balance last year and say how true everything there was. (John excepted).
If people have any spare time it can be worthwhile handwriting some of the
letters. If you do write, just send an empty envelope to myself. Destination
for all letters should be xxx yyy (trustee), c/o BDA, 10 Queen Anne St.,
London W1M 0BD.

Maybe I'm different from the normal diabetic but I do not think I would be
in a DKA(?) coma after 18 hours without insulin. If that is the normal case
surely nobody would be diagnosed with type1 diabetes without going into a

Best wishes,

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