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[IPk] Blockage alarms

For what it's worth, I don't think I've had a single instance of a blocked
infusion set in four and a half years with my Disetronic.

On the rare occasions I've had a blockage alarm, it seemed to be due to the
plunger sticking in the old glass cartridges when using Actrapid, because
changing the infusion set didn't help. I've not experienced this with the
new plastic cartridges with Actrapid or with Humalog.

Perhaps those with the technical knowledge could say whether a weakening
motor battery may also come into play in triggering an alarm, because I
recall one instance when an apparent "blockage"  was followed by a weak
battery alarm when installing a new cartridge.

Of course there are potentially serious consequences of some hours passing
before a blockage alarm sounds, but at least an alarm will eventually sound
for this incident and you can take remedial action (but you need the
supplies close to hand).

 My only serious problem with the pump was an occasion when there was a
hairline fracture in the connector which led to the insulin (including two
supplementary boluses with which I tried to correct my rising BG) seeping
out. No alarm sounded for that, of course, and I needed industrial
quantities of insulin once I discovered the problem to get back to normal.

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