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Re: [IPk] Blockage alarms

>>This is not a test I did myself, at the school last week they demonstrated
>>it to us and said it was quite normal.
>Yikes - they think that is normal and acceptable?
They basically said you could not rely on the alarm and had to therefore 
rely on tests, but like you say: YIKES

I wrote a mail to Disetronic about the Dahedi and got a fast response asking 
about my basal rates etc. and a promise they would calculate exactly how 
quickly the alarm -should- go off. I'll try it out myself again tonight 
(with your knot idea so I can see whether insulin is coming out or not).

I'm hoping that the school has it wrong and that it is just the "eraser 
test" that causes the low response rate, could be. Otherwise I'm not going 
to be recommending a Dahedi to anyone!

>As I said, the Minimed pumps and the Disetronic ones will trigger an alarm 
>when only 1 or 2 units have been missed.
1 to 2 U100 units would be good enough for me, equivalent to a maximum of 3 
hrs at night.

More tomorrow...


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