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>The GI theory says that equal amounts of carbo from different foods
>raises bg's at different "rates" some fast and other slow. Over the
>long term, the bg rise is the same. i.e. a glucose tab =5 grams
>raises most peoples bg about 25 points in 10 minutes or so and that's
>it. 1/3 cup of milk is about 5 grams and might take an hour or more
>to have the same effect since the Glycemic Index is much different.

Nonsense. I've got to disagree with you there Michael. To calculate the
"glycemic index" they feed a group of volunteers a measured amount of the
food being tested, and measure the bg regularly over the next 2 or 3 hours.
They then plot the bg graph and measure the area under it. They repeat the
exercise with a standard food (normally glucose). Comparing areas under the
two graphs gives you a ratio, know as the glycemic index.

What it does not measure is the speed of digestion of the carbohydrate -
merely the total bg raisig power. This is unfortunate, as speed of
digestion is the information we really need when matching Humalog and
squarewave boluses to the food.

I believe our resident dietician, Julette, is on holiday in South Africa
for a few weeks! Luck her :-)


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