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Re: [IPk] Blockage alarms

>If you were triggering at the equivalent of 11 units,
This is not a test I did myself, at the school last week they demonstrated 
it to us and said it was quite normal. They only did it with U40 insulin - 
the 11 units for U100 was what I just estimated on the basis of the U40 
where the alarm goes off at 4.5 units.

>My MiniMed 507 .... normally triggers at between 1 and 2 units of U100.
That sounds much more useful and what I would expect.

>Might do better totie a really tight knot in the tubing.
I'll try it out this evening when I change infusion sets.

To me this is a key safety factor in a pump. I think perhaps I should get in 
touch directly with the supplier for some more accurate info before I spread 
any mis-information here!


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