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> [1] This is a can of worms, I know. The GI theory suggests that
> equal amounts of carbohydrate from different foods do not raise the
> bg by equal amounts - which rather challenges the whole concept of
> taking meal insulin in proportion to the carbohydrate. But there we
> are!

The GI theory says that equal amounts of carbo from different foods 
raises bg's at different "rates" some fast and other slow. Over the 
long term, the bg rise is the same. i.e. a glucose tab =5 grams 
raises most peoples bg about 25 points in 10 minutes or so and that's 
it. 1/3 cup of milk is about 5 grams and might take an hour or more 
to have the same effect since the Glycemic Index is much different.

For a good primer on carb counting with good explanations, go to the 
amazon.co.uk site and purchase a copy of "Pumping Insulin" it is well 
covered in that book.

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