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Re: [IPk] Blockage alarms

>As the alarm is activated by a pressure buildup I would guess with U100
>pumps the alarm is only activated after about 2.5*4.5 = ~11 units of U100
>(!) - you would need to be doing a bolus for the alarm to go off unless your
>basal rate is very high.

My MiniMed 507 occasionally gives a No Delivery alarm - typically towards
the end of a bolus. But this is rare. I've "tested" the alarm mechanism by
clamping the tubing with a special clamp that comes with the SofSets, and
then bolussing. It normally triggers at between 1 and 2 units of U100.

If you were triggering at the equivalent of 11 units, it sounds to me as if
the erasor you stuck it into wasn't sealing it properly. Might do better to
tie a really tight knot in the tubing. Or has your pump got a faulty
pressure detector?


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