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>    Hi my name is wendy    I am hoping to transfer to the minimed pump
>soon  and I
>was wondering if anybody could give me any information on useful books on
>carbohydrate counting, exchanges etc. as I am going to have to learn about
>subject ASAP                                                      Thanx
>Wendy xxx

Hi Wendy.

The book I have found most useful for giving me food facts is the Collins
Gem Calorie Counter. It's compact, well laid out, and will give you the
carb content of 1000's of different foods.

If you go to the new Insulin Pumpers UK website at
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk, and click on Books, you'll see the book
listed, along with a link to Amazon.co.uk where you can buy it directly

How you want to use the information, how accurately you want to carb count,
whether you want to include the glycemic index[1] in your calculation, is
something you'll need to establish for yourself once you get going.

But training yourself to look at a plate of food, and come up with a
sensible estimate of its carb content is a good starting point :-)


[1] This is a can of worms, I know. The GI theory suggests that equal
amounts of carbohydrate from different foods do not raise the bg by equal
amounts - which rather challenges the whole concept of taking meal insulin
in proportion to the carbohydrate. But there we are!

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