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Re: [IPk] Another place to lobby?

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From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Sunday, 30 January, 2000 22:24
Subject: [IPk] Another place to lobby?

> I am unsure whether NICE or the HTA is the body which would be charged
> with evaluating the pump.  A brief glance suggests that the HTA is a
> funding-for-research organization, and NICE a put-it-on-the-approved-
> list organization.

Hi Pat,
Regarding the above I think NICE would be a better, primary, target than
HTA, as supposedly HTA would not be very willing to put money into something
not on the NICE list.
Re. The BDA, one problem I have found is that amongst the trustees there are
a number of parents of diabetics, but their 'children' are now adults and
thus their 'on hand' experience relates to days before pumps were a
practical option, there is not great direct contact with new ways of
controlling things (I'm heading for trouble!). Other trustees are medical
professionals, but often specialists in certain areas and we all know how
many doctors without knowledge of pumps react to them!
The BDA are also one of the main sponsors of diabetic research (in the UK),
if an interest/awareness of pumps was raised there would be a much better
chance of a doctor applying for money for a trial getting it. Also there is
a real contact between the BDA and the IDF, if countries such as Germany
would raise their reasons for backing pumps, at the IDF(Europe) it might
help spread the word.
What I believe is most necessary is to raise the awareness of pumps, make
bodies such as the BDA realise that people want to use them - this is
completely missing at present. I may be wrong but I do not think the BDA has
a leaflet about pump control, this at the very least might be brought about
by a mass of mail.
Really there is no best way to go for pumps, I think the only answer is to
attack from every side. But if many (20+) on this list were to write to
every trustee it could do a lot to bring pumps to attention. The biggest
problem is parliament, without a yes there pumps will only be for the rich
(is this what Labour wants?)
I can say that pen needles on presciption may be not too far away, the
government has committed itself (on paper) has effectively already delayed
the issue as much as it can.
Hopefully people will agree to write.
Thanks Jeremy

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