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Re: [IPk] Thoughts re. Dahedi

>any pumps are
>produced, nowadays that do not have a blockage alarm, therefore the patient
>should be aware of problems before ketoacidosis begins.
This led to my question about blockage alarms (new thread)

>it would be to his/her greater advantage to have a very quick insulin 
>when able to do so as this would solve the problem more quickly.
oh yes, I absolutely agree, and this is a good argument in favour of 
humalog, thanks. I'm already beginning to get fed up of correcting a high 
blood sugar and then waiting 3-4 hrs for it to go back to where it should 

But the biggest problem is that you always have to consider overlapped 
boluses, and so it is much more difficult to keep a good overview of how 
much you need and when. Today was my last day at the hospital - I'm back 
home already. I tried missing out lunch to check my afternoon basal rate, 
but I had to break off the attempt when I dropped to 3.3 at 1pm. As I ate 
breakfast at 9am (4hrs earlier) I cannot really say now whether I need to 
lower my lunchtime basal or lower my breakfast bolus. With humalog this 
would be no problem.

Never mind, I'm back at work tomorrow, so will have to eat breakfast a 
little earlier anyway ;o)


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