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[IPk] Replying to messages on the list

Without wishing to offend any listers may I make a suggestion in light of my
having received digest V1 #183 today and finding one reply, duplicated, and
containing 9 lines of comment accompanied by the whole of digest V1 #182
quoted as the original message. Similar problems have appeared recently so
I'm not pointing my finger at an individual lister, just today's digest gave
me the final spur to write.

I enclose two quotes from the instructions I received on joining the list:

>>    3. Do not requote the entire email you are replying to. Most email
       programs are set to do this by default. Quote just the
       fragments which will illuminate and frame your reply. As a
       rule of thumb, try to begin your email with the quoted text.<<

>>    5. If you receive the digest version, you will need to
       cut-and-paste items that you are replying to into a new email,
       inserting the correct subject line, and send it to
       email @ redacted<<

These are rules which are common to all the mailing lists I receive and
really do make a difference to both receiving and reading the list,
particularly in digest form. One list I receive stipulates a ratio of quoted
to unquoted text of 2:1. Anything beyond this is rejected.

I hope I haven't trodden on any toes. I certainly didn't intend to.


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