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Re: [IPk] letters to BDA

At 26-02-00 22:20 +0000, you wrote:
>Will do.  Do you think I should copy the letter to the Charity
>Commissioners?  Or hold back on the big guns?
>I also think I will re-join the BAD. I left because the BDA would not
>agree that diabetes was a disability (ha bloody ha when we lost our
>licences for driving vans and minibuses - if that wasn't discrimination,
>I don't know what it was). Now I'm feeling that I can be more effective
>within than without.
>Maybe they didn't forward the letters because I was first, and mine were
>bright green?
Hi Pat,
Again this is only advice but I would hold back on the big guns for now, 
but a threat to write to them might well be of more effect than anything 
else (it would make public that BDA was not doing what it should and that 
would not look good on a certain person's CV).
Tim Hoy and myself both raised the issue of the driving licences and we 
both wrote a number of letters to the relevant government departments, but 
the view taken by the BDA was to raise the issue but not go forth with it, 
because it was felt that bringing too much pressure might upset the 
progress of the pen-needles. That is obviously not an issue now but some 
other excuse will be found. The problem (in my view) is that the people at 
the very top do not suffer from diabetes (with one exception) and are not 
personally aware of the problems caused. The one question I have been 
unable to get an answer to re. driving licences is what evidence/statistics 
the changes resulted from.
I take it you are aware that the BAD will become a DUcK as from June/July, 
(at a cost of no less than about 80 pumps).

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