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Re: [IPk] Pump Syringes/Cartridges

>A question came up tonight amongst the people who on the current pump trial
>in Bristol about the re-use of plastic syringes/cartridges with the D
>pump.  I couldn't think what the answer to this was.
>Can they be reused, if so how many times and are there any problems in
>doing so?
D do not appear to recommend re-using cartridges, however the D rep told me
that he has always done so himself, so I tried, and have not had any
problems.  Typically a cartridge-full of insulin lasts me about 12-14 days,
and I almost always then re-use the cartridge at least once, occasionally
have unintentionally reused a second time, with no evident ill-effects.  If
there can be a problem with the lubricant on the inside of the cartridge
wearing thin, as someone mentioned, then it doesn't appear to have happened
for me so far.
>The same question arose regarding the tubing for the Tender sets. At the
>moment most people seem to use it for about 6 days (2 tender sets).
I generally use tubing for the Tender sets for up to 12 days; change the
tubing every second needle/site change - find that having started off
changing sites every 2-3 days, am now able to keep them in for up to 6-7
days mostly, checking particularly carefully for irritation etc after the
3rd day.  I have been doing this for over a year, and only once had a
problem, and then it was not clear whether it was bad insulin, bad site or
bad tubing - nothing obvious, just high blood sugars, which cleared
immediately after changing everything.

Of course, YMMV, none of this is what D recommend - my feeling is that
anyone who wants to do these things as a way to cut costs of supplies,
reduce hassle etc, should be cautious, check frequently and see if it works
for you.


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