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Re: [IPk] funny turn today whilst driving

Hi Tricia
Just to throw my non-diabetic experience into the mix.
A few years ago I lost 2 hours short term memory wise, ended up in A&E on a 
Saturday morning, they initially suspected a TIA (no scanning facilities 
available) but by Monday (when consultant turned up from weekend off) 
decided it was a TGA.
The latter is Transient Global Amnesia.
It seems a little understood condition, or explained, and I was left with 
the feeling that it was a case of 'let's call it something' !
I advised the dvla as suggested by the medics and they stopped me driving 
for a month.

One remains functional, although confused - for example  within that 2 hours 
'down time' I told my wife that the morning paper which had just been 
delivered was the wrong day's paper !
Anyway, it has happened twice more in the intervening years, for a shorter 
time, no common factors involved as far as we can tell.
That lost memory lapse never comes back.

I'm early 70s, would have been mid sixties when it first occurred.
I did take it further with private medical referrals but am still none the 
wiser as to cause.

Anyway, may not be what you had, but at least you know what else it might 

Good luck

Gareth Hicks
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