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Re: [IPk] funny turn today whilst driving

Hi Nanette
And Tricia
 The definition of a Tia here at least is obviously various symptoms but no
showing on ct scan and EEG
24 hours later
 Nanette saw an expert but so should you Tricia so you can start medication if

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On 23 Dec 2013, at 09:22, Nanette Freedman <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Tricia,
> Do get it checked out further, but remember that not everything is a
> TIA or stroke. Do you think you were shaky because finding yourself
> driving without control was so scary, or because of the 'funny turn'?
> It might or might not be a bit like something that happened to me
> years ago, and was not a TIA or stroke - nothing showed up on CT or
> eeg.
> It was a sort of 'absence' - unlike you I was not aware - possibly a
> type of mini-seizure, although nothing showed on the eeg. And the
> results were worse in practice than yours though, since it happened
> when I had just got into the car after work in an indoor carpark, I
> remember starting the car, then reaching out my hand to switch on the
> car radio, then next thing I knew the car drove quite gently into a
> pillar in the carpark - I had driven just a few yards, apparently on
> 'automatic pilot', towards the exit from the car park, and had turned
> left as if I were parked in my usual place - in fact I was parked in a
> slightly different spot, so went into the pillar - probably just as
> well. And I had checked my BG just 5 minutes before and checked again
> immediately after, so know it was not due to being hypo.
> I went to see a top neurologist (one of those times when it is an
> advantage to work in a hospital), and he was the one who described it
> as an 'absence', which fitted so well with my experience, said such
> things can happen, that the longer time elapses without it recurring
> the more likely that it won't ever recur - it's now 9 years ago, and
> thankfully no recurrence. I did drive home very cautiously immediately
> after it happened, but didn't drive for a while after - but returned
> to it eventually, though I have to confess that I am still sometimes
> haunted by what happened then, and how it could have been so much
> worse.
> Best of luck getting it sorted out
> Nanette
> On 22 December 2013 22:25, cherrycottage <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> Does anyone have any ideas? About 11am today Sunday I was doing a right turn
> in
>> the car and had a funny turn. I wasn't unconscious, but knew I had no
> control. I
>> did stop the car nearish to the kerb and put on the hazard lights. what was
>> possibly a few minutes later It passed but I. felt shaky and felt a bit
> weird..
>> My BG was 11.2 I had gone to church on a large tea and a 6g biscuit and no
> bolus
>> as i was keeping an eye on my basal.
>> After church I had a strongish coffee.
>> After the episode, I drove about 500 yards back home very cautiously.
>> I still felt weird so we went to the non-A and E department to check if it
> was
>> a mini stroke as my family history suggested that.
>> An excellent experienced GP there did all the checks and said it wasn't a
>> stroke and just to keep any eye on it. No driving today.
>> Does anyone have any ideas?  could it have been diabetes related?
>> Happy Christmas
>> Tricia Barker
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