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[IPk] Blood Glucose Levels in Pregnancy

Hi there
Sorry Im probably a little late to the discussion but just thought Id
throw in my experience.

I have a 5 month old daughter who was born with the only issue being
low blood sugar at birth which rectified itself in the first 24 hours.
Ive had Type 1 for 26 yrs, developed pre-eclampsia late on in the
pregnancy and managed using a pump and CGM from about 12 weeks into

I remember when my endo described the targets for pregnancy i.e. 3.5 - 5 pre
and thinking that the medical professionals were having a laugh. At
the time may I add, I had quite bad morning sickness that I was trying
to manage by munching on salty savoury biscuits as this was the only
food I could consume.

The best advise my endo said to me was these are targets and dont get
too caught up in the odd low or high blood sugar, its all about trying
to maintain a consistency that keeps you and your baby happy and

I monitored my BGLs religiously and had my endo check them once a week
and I was suprised as the pregnancy went on that my HBa1c got better
and better, to the point where I was averaging 5.0
 - targets Im not sure Ill ever achieve again

My tips
- A CGM helps - it may be unaffordable but if you can get one it
definitely makes it easier to see trends and more importantly when
things are on the rise or fall
- When I saw things on the rise, I walked. I spent many hours pacing
around bringing my BGLs down when they looked like there were heading
- Try not to sweat the small stuff. The first time I had a 10.0, I
just about had heart failure but the best response is just to do
something about it not to wallow. Other Diabetic Mums will tell you,
the guilt is so much more worse than the actual reality
- The more i stopped hypos the better my HBa1c became. Its all about
the consistency
- It was the most intense time of my long diabetes life but the result
is so worth it. Remember to enjoy pregnancy (if you can based on other
symptoms :)  ), the miracle of what a womens body is capable of doing
is amazing and it constantly surprised me what I could achieve
- This may be impossible but try to sleep.. it will come in handy for
after the baby arrives

Good luck to your daughter, hope the pregnancy goes well
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