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Re: [IPk] set problems

Thanks - I agree with you about 100% about all the good reasons that
going back to MDI will not help, even though, unlike you or me, he did
not find any consistent variations in basal requirements during the
But I think the cream you write about may be EMLA cream which helps
numb the area for people (often children) who have problem with pain
on insertion. My brother describes pain that increases during the
lifetime of the set.

On 15 December 2013 12:50, Belinda Washington
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello Nanette
 > I remember someone saying something about a cream to help with the pain, but
> don't remember.
 > From what you said, I wasn't sure whether it was an allergy or a reaction to
> foreign body moving within the site.
 > I know certain hospitals like to resolve pump problems by returning the
 > to MDI, but to my mind that is wrong. Within a week of pumping, my DSN told
> that the variation in my basal requirements during the day meant I was never
> going to achieve decent control on MDI. I could have cried. Suddenly, I felt
> that someone understood that I wasn't stupid, lazy or feckless.
 > Whatever the reasons were for giving him a pump, I'm sure they haven't
 > themselves & I'm sure the HCPs could do what you're doing & seek an
> Belinda
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