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Re: [IPk] set problems

Hi Nanette,

Sorry about the autocorrection to your name. I seem to be having lots of
problems with that at the moment


On Sunday, 15 December 2013, Tom Falconer wrote:

> Hi Nantmel,
> If I remember correctly it was called diaport. Strangely the was someone
> on another group I am in who was taking about getting one fitted, although
> I don't know the full details.
> I wish your brother luck in finding a working solution.
> Tom
 > On 15 Dec 2013 10:04, "Nanette Freedman"
<email @ redacted<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'email @ redacted');>>
> wrote:
>> I just heard from my brother (type 1 for over 35 years and one of
>> those few people out there who still doesn't use the internet at all)
>> that he gave up his pump because he just couldn't find any sets that
>> (i) would stay in and not get dislodged often in his sleep so that he
>> would wake up hours later with high BG, and (ii) were not painful - he
>> said they were not always painful initially, but over the course of
>> 24-48 hours the tissue around became sensitive to the point of being
>> painful. I know he tried both insets and comforts (silhouettes) and
>> the latter both with manual insertion and with a 'whanger' and maybe
>> some other sets.
>> And now he's having a hard time with long acting insulin - he's trying
>> a new ultra long acting called deglutec - finding that for him its
>> profile is not what he was told.
>> I feel quite angry - to me long acting insulin is always going to be a
>> second-best solution - even if it was entirely predictable, which it
>> isn't, none of us really wants unpredictable basal insulin since real
>> life is not entirely predictable. While pumping is also not ideal, at
>> least it gives you much more potential to get it right.
>> But I wonder, are there other solutions for someone like him - are
>> there other sets to which his body might not have reacted? and wasn't
>> there someone on this list who had some sort of special port to avoid
>> this problem - anyone out there use this or know about this?
>> Thanks very much
>> Nanette
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