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[IPk] set problems

I just heard from my brother (type 1 for over 35 years and one of
those few people out there who still doesn't use the internet at all)
that he gave up his pump because he just couldn't find any sets that
(i) would stay in and not get dislodged often in his sleep so that he
would wake up hours later with high BG, and (ii) were not painful - he
said they were not always painful initially, but over the course of
24-48 hours the tissue around became sensitive to the point of being
painful. I know he tried both insets and comforts (silhouettes) and
the latter both with manual insertion and with a 'whanger' and maybe
some other sets.
And now he's having a hard time with long acting insulin - he's trying
a new ultra long acting called deglutec - finding that for him its
profile is not what he was told.
I feel quite angry - to me long acting insulin is always going to be a
second-best solution - even if it was entirely predictable, which it
isn't, none of us really wants unpredictable basal insulin since real
life is not entirely predictable. While pumping is also not ideal, at
least it gives you much more potential to get it right.
But I wonder, are there other solutions for someone like him - are
there other sets to which his body might not have reacted? and wasn't
there someone on this list who had some sort of special port to avoid
this problem - anyone out there use this or know about this?
Thanks very much
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