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Re: [IPk] Insulin/ pumps and airports

Hi Marc,

The travel episode sounds scary, though I didn't think that the x-ray
machine should really ruin a pump - but who knows. Incidentally which
pump do you use?

Regarding sites, as I wrote before I have exactly that situation of
insulin pooling by day, rapidly absorbed at night - I assumed it was
because I am perhaps lying at least partially on those sites at night
that it releases the pooled insulin - this happens to me with sites in
thighs, bum, side, essentially anywhere except abdomen, but we are all
different, other people use such sites very successfully, so it is
certainly worth your while experimenting carefully, if things are so
difficult at present with abdominal sites. The other thing is are
there any different sets or different needle/tube lengths that you
haven't tried - possibly having the insulin arriving in the body
tissue at a greater or shallower depth might reduce the pooling.

Injecting with pens is entirely different - one wouldn't necessarily
expect the same effects. I had almost entirely random BG's with pens
regardless of where I injected, and only discovered that there was
such a thing as control when I started pumping, and with abdominal
sites have reasonable control most of the time.

Best of luck


> Sites are all abdominal, but that is what it's like, and I say like,
> because I cannot explain it; it's like the insulin sits there at day only
> to go in overnight, with BM's 30+ by day, and 4 overnight.  Yet when I used
> the pens in the same areas, there were no such issues with utterly perfect
> control excepting the early morning dawn phenomena of 15+.
> Any ideas what else would cause that and how to check would be welcome.
> Thanks,
> Marc
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