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[IPk] Question for Omnipod users

 Hope it's OK to ask here. A parents on another forum with limited internet
access has asked if one can help with her following questions,  there are very
few parents on our  parent forum using Omnipods.      If you can make any
suggestions could you reply on list (in case anyone else is having problems)
and/or also contact her on this addy   email @ redacted


"Hi Guys.

Up at 3am to check blood and we have a reading of 20.6! Check cannula site and
red so pod change done and now wide awake.

I don't know why but we keep getting this. At the moment it seems to be most
pods need changing as cannula site become sore before change due. Sometimes
there is blood in the cannula. Sometimes just red around cannula site. I can't
work out what's going on. This has only been happening over last few months. We
have been pumping omnipod now for nearly 2 yrs and very rarely had to change
early until recently. We rotate the pod position each time and use bum cheeks
and thighs. We can't use stomach or arms yet as very slight. The sites don't
seem to be lumpy. Can anyone give advice on this?

Thanks x

Becky. Mum to Corey age 7. Pumping Omnipod with UCLH". 

Kind regards
Jackie J
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