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Re: [IPk] blood glucose levels in early pregnancy


Firstly thanks very much for your responses.
What I really hoped to hear from one of the mums on this list who
recently had a pregnancy with very tight control (possibly with the
aid of a CGM) was what was considered tight control for fasting BG
levels? was going even very slightly above 5 considered too high?

I was also under the impression that gestational diabetes was more
commonly linked to
type 2 diabetes rather than type 1. But as the responses on this list
indicate, evidently not always. In my family there is a rich (!!)
history of type 1 and as well type 2, so from that point of view could
be either. But my instinct is that if my daughter's slightly raised
fasting BG indicates the beginnings of anything, it is more likely to
be type 1 - but do hope it isn't either.

I'm sorry to hear of all the illness and misinformation given by GP's
and others that has been flying around over recent years in your
family - doesn't enhance one's level of trust.

In our case, since my daughter is a nurse and also since I work in a
hospital and have close professional contact with diabetes
specialists, we are already on the way towards a second opinion - some
emails have been flying around since I wrote my initial message - but
have to wait another couple of days for a fully considered opinion.


On 13 December 2013 14:13, Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Nanette
 > Is your daughter's pregnancy considered "high risk" because of the BG levels
> due to another issue?
> My GP who, I consider to be a good caring GP, has been rather confused over
> diabetes over the year.
 > Some 5 or 6 years ago, my mother, who was very slightly overweight, was told
 > her GP, that she had type 2 diabetes (I had a sister who was over 20 stone
> she has 3 daughters who are all heavily overweight, none of them has type 2
 > diabetes. My sister was ill on and off for 18 years before she died last year
> and was tested many times for various things and medical issues and type 2
> diabetes was never one of the problems.
>  So I was quite surprised that my mum had been told that she had type 2
> diabetes.
> No medication or meter was given, but she did have regular diabetes clinic
 > visits where her BG levels were always normal and her HB1c was perfect. She
> sent on some courses to learn about healthy eating etc.  My mother was in and
> out of hospital over the last year, before she died in January, for medical
> tests for heart and other conditions.  I was with her on many occasions and
> before several  invasive procedures.  Her BG levels were always perfect.  I
> questioned one of the doctors in hospital why she had been diagnosed with
> diabetes he just said that maybe the criteria for a diagnosis was lower than
> before.
> Then recently I was told by the same GP that I needed more blood tests , he
 > actually called me at home, I was too shocked to ask what the actual BG
> were.  I had had some blood tests done for a "well woman clinic" which was
 > coming up shortly, because I take meds for RA which can affect the liver.. I
> was a bit worried to say the least, but tested my own BG levels fasting and
 > several times after meals and the levels were always within non D range. So I
> went and had a fasting test done and they had to wait to see the nurse at the
> "well woman clinic".  She wanted to go through the computer screen by screen
>  asking questions about lifestyle etc I said "don't even think of taking my
> blood
> pressure until you have told me the results of the fasting tests".   So she
 > looked and said they were fine. Then I asked what my random test had actually
 > been and it was 7.8 which of course was perfectly OK for a random test he
 > that it wasn't a fasting test I had automatically assume that it had been
 > 11.5 mmols. So I am pretty sure that my mother never had diabetes in the
 > place and he had decided that she had from a random test. I said to the nurse
>  that 7.8 mmols was fine for a random test and she didn't have a clue and
> thought
> it was high.
> So I am very wary of people who are not fully trained diabetes consultants
> making statements about diabetes
> GP has now retired.
> Jackie J
> -----Original Message-----
 > From: email @ redacted [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf
> Nanette Freedman
> Sent: 13 December 2013 09:34
> To: ip-uk
> Subject: [IPk] blood glucose levels in early pregnancy
>  A question on behalf of my daughter - she is not diabetic, but has had what
> seem
 > to me very marginally raised fasting blood glucose levels (typically around 5
 > 5.5) for a while. She is now in the early weeks of pregnancy, and her
 > pregnancy specialist is telling her that he is concerned and that for sure
 > will go on to develop gestational diabetes (which she thinks unlikely since
> carefully tested - because of family history - and did not in her 2 previous
 > pregnancies). He wants her to start taking insulin. She is in any case
> a
 > second opinion, but I wondered if anyone on this list has relevant experience
> or
 > information to offer. I know that most of the people on this list who have
> through pregnancy were in a different situation having had type 1 before they
>  were pregnant, but what do you think? also are levels around 5 - 5.5 first
> thing
> in the morning a real cause for concern - given that her post-prandial levels
> are just fine.
> Many thanks for any advice
> Nanette (snowed in in Jerusalem - very beautiful, but quite problematic!) .
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