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Trying out pumps WAS Re: [IPk] set adhesion problems.

Hi Rhoda

Putting my 'used to work in medical devices' hat on for this one....

The pump companies can't offer a trial of a pump without clinical
supervision. For inventory control and to meet compliance regs, all their
'demo' pumps (serial numbers not assigned to a specific patient) get
labelled with 'for educational/demonstration use only' stickers.

Some clinics keep pumps for patients to try, some don't. I am aware of a
few hospital clinics that have used donations made to the hospital's
charity (many NHS hospitals have an associated charity) to purchase pumps
for patients to try out under their clinical supervision.

Sharing an old pump with someone is a big grey area in terms of liability.
If the borrower had a problem, he couldn't get help from the pump company
because there's no active warranty on the unit and he's not in their
database as a user. You're not an authorised distrubutor or a healthcare
provider either. If his healthcare team is happy to provide clinical
support while he uses someone else's old pump, I would hope that they would
also look into how they can get hold of some pumps they can use for
trial/training. (Who's knows for sure that your pump isn't actually faulty?)

I know this sounds like a lot of red tape, but the rules have been put in
place to make sure that companies don't end up doing the jobs of doctors
(which some doctors frankly don't mind!) or giving inappropriate clinical
advice (which rubs everyone the wrong way and could result in harm.

Hope that helps a bit


On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 9:33 PM, Rhoda Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:

> What would I do without you all!  Many thanks again.
> I'm  just back from a pumpers meeting at the hospital.  Advocated strongly
> to everyone I spoke to - yet again - about joining ip.  Think a couple may
> just in fact do that!
> Another one wanted to try animal insulin in pump and is having difficulty
> obtaining it via his GP.  He will be starting his trial soon ;-)
> Someone else wants to try and Animas to see if he will switch from
> Medtronic
> to Animas in the New Year when his pump is replaced.  So far none available
> to try so I'm loaning him my 2020 for a couple of weeks.  If they don't do
> this, would it not be sensible for pump companies to have a few pumps
> available for potential users to try out?  Or is there some issue
> preventing
> this I've not thought of?
> Rhoda
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