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[IPk] Re: Vit D Deficiency

Hi Hannah,

I have general muscle weakness and was noticing worsening tremors in my legs,
particularly after I took up yoga again a few years' ago, and kept asking my
GP about it. Once I'd mentioned it to my diabetes consultant, she got me
tested for vit D deficiency & it was discovered I had extremely low levels. I
was put on a very high dose liquid form for a few weeks followed by high dose
tabs for maintenance. Over these last 2-3 years we've settled on 20,000 units
per week just to keep my levels within the normal range.

Alas my symptoms did not improve after vit D levels back to normal and I was
sent to the Neurological Hosp in the end for tests and a diagnosis (of
Orthostatic Tremor which may or may not get worse). I do feel embarrassed in
yoga when my legs shake uncontrollably in certain postures but at least it
wasn't MS or Motor Neurone or....

I so hope you notice improvement from the vit D and it isn't anything more
than that.



Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 15:49:13 +0000
From: hansicle <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPk] Vit D deficiency

Hi all hope everyone is well.

Im some 6 months post partum and im still not feeling great weakness,
pins and needles, muscle pain and near constant dizziness. Was hoping it was
getting over my awful birth but the symptoms havent gone anywhere.B

Anyway the hosp have taken it fairly seriously my bloods have come back
extremely deficient in vit D.

Jus wondered anyone else had this? B I have to go to docs tonight for an
injection then prescription supplements. Am hoping this is the cause of my
symptoms as I have been rather concerned its something serious. The hosp have
also referred me for an adrenlin test and to the neurological dept for
tests will b asking abt those B In a while.

Slightly annoyed as apparently all pregnant and breastfeeding are now
to take a vit D supplement but I have never been advised of this.
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