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Re: [IPk] Insulin/ pumps and airports


Firstly I expect to have occasional 'weird' patches - without
xplanation, they just happen.

You don't write how soon after air travel this happned, nor for how
long it continued.

One thing that occurs to me - are you using different area of your
body for infusion sets or different sets? I find that when I locate
sites in other parts of my body (almost anywhere except tummy
unfortunately) I get a phenomenon of insulin apparently pooling at the
site, with very little if any absorption (so it seems that I simply
cannot get enough insulin for several hours) and then after that I
need minimal insulin and even so am at risk of hypos since all the
insulin that was not absorbed before seems suddenly to be absorbed
fast. Could this sort of thing explain what you are experiencing? if
so the only suggestion I can think of is to relocate your sites

Best of luck


On 9 December 2013 19:13, MarcT <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello,
> I guess this has come up before but...  I've just started a second spell of
> remarkably odd blood sugar non-control. The first was back in October.  I
> cannot get enough insulin in during the day, and need minimal overnight.
>  It's as though I've got long acting in my pump (which I don't).  So I'm
> 20-30's after breakfast which refuses to come down until the early hours of
> the next day.  Unless I take triple the norm or more!
> I've swapped sets, got new insulin and it recovered but now it's happening
> again.  The only thing in common between two months ago and now was plane
> travel and going through various airport security systems.
> So - can these damage pumps and or insulin?  (Its a medtronic).  Or could
> the pump have a fault anyway, even though it self tests as normal?  I've
> looked online and am non the wiser due to the conflicting statements.
> Thanks,
> Marc
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