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RE: [IPk] Enlite Sensors

 As people probably realize from my moans about the Animas menu system, I
recently changed from a Medtronic pump + sof sensors (self funded) to a Vibe +
Dexcom G4 (self-funded). However much of a PITA the Animas menu system can be, I
just cannot speak too highly of the Dexcom CGM system. After 1 month I am only
on my second sensor and the things are spot on every time - no false alarms, no
errors, no significant hypos missed, and you don't have to be a cross between
Yoda and the horse-whisperer to get them to work properly.

 Before making the decision to switch I ran a little spreadsheet to compare the
costs of using the Enlites to the Dexcom G4. Assuming a sensor life of 8 days
for the Enlites and 18 days for the Dexcom, and factoring in the transmitter
lifetimes of ca. 2.5 years for the Medtronic mini-link and 9 months for the
Dexmitter, I calculated the annual costs as #2547 for the Enlites and #1348 for
the Dexcom G4's. With those costs, it might still make sense for anyone with a
relatively new veo to switch to the Dexcom as the additional cost of using a
standalone receiver would be offset in about 8 months.

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