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Re: [IPk] Very high HbA1c

Hi Tricia
I haven't got used to the new scale for HbA1c yet - but 74 = 8.9, Ok,
that's higher than you would like - but 20 - 42 is VERY low (4.0 to 6.0).
My consultant is happy if I am below 7.5 which would be 58.  (I am retired

I don't want to throw yet another variable into the works - but do you
exercise?  That can affect your BGs at intervals for a long time afterwards
- eg if I go for a run Sat morning - my BGs will be Ok in the afternoon
then tend to go low Sat evening, then OK overnight and low again mid
morning Sunday. Other people may have different patterns, Like Di, I either
test a lot or use CGM.

When you went low 3 hours after breakfast - had you been doing more than
usual? - even a bit of gardening or energetic housework tends to do that
for me, especially as my breakfast is quite high carb and therefore there
is a lot of insulin on board. So I try to plan ahead and reduce the bolus
beforehand, or else I need to snack.

It's possible the low is causing your liver to release glucose, so you get
a rebound high even if you haven't over compensated.

Sorry, I hope this is useful and you don't feel bombarded with stuff you
already know.  Every time I feel things are sorted, something else changes
- I understand how frustrated you must feel.

Good luck - chase the CGM up - I am sure that would help you.
Barbara R

On 8 December 2013 16:46, cherrycottage <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Does anyone have any bright ideas? My last HbA1c was 74. (Should be 20
> -42). I
> did have a traumatic couple of months but it has never been much below 9
> in five
> years.
>  My Diabetic Clinic is in the flux of personnel change at the moment and
> my DSN
> through friendly just said recently that they have people like me who are
> retired, have non routine lives and never get a reasonable control!
>  I do fasting tests when I can get a reasonable BG to start with and
> adjust as
> instructed. Recently I adjusted carb to insulin from 8 to 7 with quite good
> success and have some quite good days.
>  Today I had my exact normal breakfast and went to 2.9 at three hours. I
> try not
> to overdo the correction.
>  Lunch was small piece of bread, my daughters home made veggie soup and
> about
> two Tablespoons of M&S salads which I calculated at 40g. Plus as an
> afterthought
> a gooseberry fool with another 20g as on the packet. 2.5 hours later 17.4.
> Now I
> have corrected as Omnipod, plus 10% for high level. I am also trying temp
> basal
> of +30% for two hours until early supper with family.
>  There are so many variables and my Omnipod data doesn't download to my
> computer. My computer is too old and it is not compatible with the ipad.
>  Therefore I draw out my own graphs to try to detect a pattern......often
> unsuccessfully. DSN has Never seen a pattern.
>  Any ideas for a starting point? I am also writing to my new Consultant as
> the
> HbA1c of 74 was copied to me with no comment. I have been on CGM waiting
> list
> for a weeks trial since June.
>  I did have CGM for a weeks trial a few years ago but received no help to
> adjust/suggest settings.
>  I consider myself as being quite bright, but am really bogged down about
> which
> way to proceed
> Tricia Barker
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