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Re: [IPk] Very high HbA1c

Hi Tricia
Do you think it's mostly post-meal that you're getting problems?
If so, there are a number of things to try.
First, if post-meal results are unpredictable, and you think your carb 
counting is pretty good, then you might consider gastroparesis as a 
possibility? Or some other digestion-related issue.

In the short-term, you could try going lower carb and seeing if that 
helps (in general, the fewer the carbs, the less fluctuation you should 
get in your post-meal BG, unless your basals are wrong of course).

Good luck - I'm also one of those people who gets wildly fluctuating BGs 
- on seemingly identical days I can have a post-breakfast BG of 17 or 3. 
I manage by testing a lot (usually at least 10 times a day) and trying 
to keep the carbs down (not always easy with a highly active and 
unpredictable lifestyle with lots of travelling!)


On 08/12/2013 16:46, cherrycottage wrote:
 > Does anyone have any bright ideas? My last HbA1c was 74. (Should be 20 -42).
 > did have a traumatic couple of months but it has never been much below 9 in
> years.
 > My Diabetic Clinic is in the flux of personnel change at the moment and my
> through friendly just said recently that they have people like me who are
> retired, have non routine lives and never get a reasonable control!
 > I do fasting tests when I can get a reasonable BG to start with and adjust as
> instructed. Recently I adjusted carb to insulin from 8 to 7 with quite good
> success and have some quite good days.
 > Today I had my exact normal breakfast and went to 2.9 at three hours. I try
> to overdo the correction.
 > Lunch was small piece of bread, my daughters home made veggie soup and about
 > two Tablespoons of M&S salads which I calculated at 40g. Plus as an
 > a gooseberry fool with another 20g as on the packet. 2.5 hours later 17.4.
Now I
 > have corrected as Omnipod, plus 10% for high level. I am also trying temp
> of +30% for two hours until early supper with family.
>   There are so many variables and my Omnipod data doesn't download to my
> computer. My computer is too old and it is not compatible with the ipad.
>   Therefore I draw out my own graphs to try to detect a pattern......often
> unsuccessfully. DSN has Never seen a pattern.
 > Any ideas for a starting point? I am also writing to my new Consultant as the
> HbA1c of 74 was copied to me with no comment. I have been on CGM waiting list
> for a weeks trial since June.
>   I did have CGM for a weeks trial a few years ago but received no help to
> adjust/suggest settings.
 > I consider myself as being quite bright, but am really bogged down about
> way to proceed
> Tricia Barker
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