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[IPk] Enlite Sensors

Just trying to find out if anyone has had the same experience as me with

When I started on them 2.5 years ago I found them really good. But the
accuracy is going downhill fast. I have not renewed my transmitter and tested
it a couple of weeks ago and it was fine.

Today I put in a new one and when I did the forest calibration my BG was 9.3.
Less than an hour later I had lunch and when I tested my BG was 8.4 but my
sensor showed 13.7 with 2 arrows going up. I boluses and went shopping and the
thing continued to rise till it was somewhere around the 16.7 mark. I didn't
check again but got a calibration error alarm. I couldn't put in a new BG
because I was in the middle of Marks and Spencers so I waited till I got back
to the car and when I tested I was 4.3. Calibrated again and the thing gave me
another calibration alert about 20 minutes later. So I calibrated again.

It is now reading 9.3 and my BG is actually 6.6. It's got to the stage that I
want to give up on them. I would love to try the Dexcom G4 but really can't
face the prospect of having yet another piece of technology to worry about.

Any advice would be very welcome.


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